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Thank you for your interest in living at One Folgate Street. As part of the application process, you are required to complete the following profiling questionnaire. By proceeding, you give your consent to The Monkton Partnership using this data in any way it sees fit.

It is better to tell a lie and remain in control of a situation than to tell the truth with unpredictable results.
Would you sacrifice yourself to save ten innocent strangers?
What about ten thousand strangers?
Do fat people make you feel sad or annoyed?
What statement best describes your most recent personal relationship?
When I’m working on something I can’t relax until it’s perfect.
You are involved in a traffic accident that you know is your fault. The other driver is confused and seems to think she caused it. Do you tell the police it was your fault or hers?
I have no time for people who don’t better themselves.
You have a choice between saving Michelangelo’s statue of David or a starving street child. Which do you choose?
A local museum is fundraising for an important artwork. Do you donate, or send the equivalent money to a charity tackling hunger in Africa?
A person close to you confesses in confidence that they hit someone while drunk driving. Do you feel obligated to report it to the police?
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